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Advancing Medical Treatment Technology through the Development and Provision of
World-class Quality Products

Many Mizuho products, such as the Sugita Aneurysm Clip and operating tables, are used by medical institutions in dozens of countries worldwide. In other words, Mizuho products are famed as the global standards in harsh environments, enabling life-saving medical treatment and healthcare. We are especially proud of this honor, and we could not be more delighted. Nevertheless, medical treatment environments constantly pose new challenges, which we continually meet by creating superior products, to turn the intangible needs of all technicians and patients into tangible products. From now on, as always, Mizuho will continue to do everything in our power to develop and provide world-class quality products in order to advance medical treatment technology.


Major Export Markets

North and South America

  1. United States of America, Canada,
  2. Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela,
  3. Brazil, Panama, Peru, Colombia


  1. United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy,
  2. Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Austria,
  3. Netherlands, Denmark, Finland,
  4. Sweden, Ireland,
  5. Greek, Ukraine

Middle East and Africa

  1. Israel, Saudi Arabia,
  2. South Africa, Egypt


  1. Australia, New Zealand


  1. Singapore, Indonesia,Thailand,
  2. Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, China,
  3. India, Russia

Major Import Markets

United States of America



Mizuho's global premise incorporates the goal of worldwide recognition

Mizuho and Mizuho OSI are currently creating an International Top Management Team to oversee all aspects of administration. To expand our group further globally, we have partnered with Skytron, LLC, one of America's major medical equipment sales agencies, adding to a list that includes Mizuho, Mizuho OSI and Mizuho America, for the purpose of creating an International Development Project Team, to boost development prowess, vital for a manufacturer.

Mizuho Medical Co.,Ltd. (Tokyo)

The head office's trade became independent in 1981. It is involved in exporting Products to various destinations overseas.
There are representative offices in China (Shanghai) and Thailand (Bangkok).

Mizuho(Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (Ayutthaya, Thailand)

Established in 2007. Involved in the manufacture of multi-purpose, electro-hydraulic operating tables and other operating tables.

Mizuho America,Inc. (California, USA)

Established in 1993. Involved in the sale of the Sugita Aneurysm Clip and other neurosurgical equipment, boasting the best sales results in America.

Mizuho OSI (California, USA)

Amalgamated into the Mizuho Group in 1995. Mainly involved in the manufacture and sale of special operating tables for use in the field of orthopedics.
> http://www.osiosi.com/

TRILUX Medical GmbH & Co. KG (Arnsberg, Germany)

It is located in Arnsberg in northwestern Germany, and is mainly involved in the manufacture and sale of the high quality operating lights systems. It joined the Mizuho Group in 2015.
> http://www.trilux-medical.com/

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