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Operating Room

Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table

Equipped with functions for easy use in multiple positions.

Imaging table

Operating table tops are made completely of super-hard carbon resin to enable fluoroscope filming from all angles.

Trancemover (patient transfer system)

Ensures safe and easy transfers without strain on the patient or nurse.

Hyper Eye Medical System
(near-infrared fluorescent color camera system)

A surgery support system, based on the concept of “innovation in surgery”, that displays the flow of blood and lymph fluid, which is invisible to the naked eye, in real-time on a monitor from images taken with a near-infrared fluorescent color camera.

Surgical Brain System (Operating instrument control system)

A system that controls operating instruments with a database using two-dimensional symbols (Data Matrix). All instruments can be traced and checked in real-time, which drastically improves safety and efficiency in medical environments.

Aiming at becoming Mizuho for Operating Room Systems

Mizuho continues to expand its lineup of operating tables, but we intend to provide operating room systems that cater to the needs of all our customers by broadening our lineup of products used within operating rooms even further. We have constructed an Operating Room System Showroom in our Chiba Factory. We hope everyone will visit the showroom to see for themselves the leading-edge functions and performance that are the hallmarks of Mizuho’s pursued ideals.

The Names of Mizuho Operating Tables are carved
in the Annuls of Medical Equipment History

The most common acclaim heard in the field of medicine is: “Mizuho for operating tables”. This is because competitors cannot hope to equal our era-orientated technical innovations and our pioneering developments in the operating table category. We were the first company in the world to develop the MOT-1000 Hydraulic Operating Table in 1959, and the MOT-500 Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table in 1968. We also developed a separable operating table (MOT-8000) in 1975, which was thought to be beyond Japanese technology at the time. And, it is no exaggeration to say that Mizuho operating tables represent the history of operating tables in post-war Japan. We currently have a global top-class share in sales of operating tables, and boast the top spot in Japan and the USA, both leading nations in the field of medical treatment.

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